A14 Road Junctions

From Wikipedia:

A14 Road
Eastbound exits Junction Westbound exits
Start of road Terminus Continues as M6 to Birmingham, Stoke-on-Trent, Manchester, Liverpool and A74(M) to Glasgow. Sheffield, Leeds M1 (North)
A5199 Husbands Bosworth, Spratton 1 A5199 Husbands Bosworth, Spratton
A508 Market Harborough, Northampton 2 A508 Market Harborough, Northampton
A6 Leicester, Rothwell 3 A6 Leicester, Rothwell
No exit 4 B669
A43 Stamford, Corby 7 A43 Stamford, Corby
A43 Kettering, Broughton 8 A43 Kettering, Broughton
A509 Kettering, Wellingborough 9 A509 Kettering Retail Park, Wellingborough
A6, A6003 Barton Seagrave, Rushden 10 A6, A6003
A510 11 A510
A6116 12 A6116
A45, A605 13 A45, A605
Titchmarsh 14 Titchmarsh
B663 15 B663
Kimbolton B660 16 Kimbolton B660
Leighton Bromswold 17 Leighton Bromswold
Spaldwick, Barham 18 Spaldwick, Barham
Easton 19 Easton
Woolley 19a Woolley
Ellington 20 Ellington
Stevenage, Peterborough A1 21 (Brampton Hut interchange) Stevenage, Peterborough A1
Brampton 22 Brampton
A141, A1(M) 23 (Spittals) A141, A1(M)
Alconbury, Little Stukeley B1043 23a Alconbury, RAF Alconbury B1043
Huntingdon, Godmanchester A1198 24 Huntingdon, Godmanchester A1198
Hemingford Abbots 25 Hemingford Abbots
St Ives A1096, B1040 26 St Ives A1096, B1040
Fenstanton, Fen Drayton 27 Fenstanton, Fen Drayton
Swavesey, Boxworth 28 Swavesey, Boxworth
No exit 28a Lolworth
Bar Hill B1050 29 Bar Hill B1050
Oakington, Dry Drayton 30 Oakington, Dry Drayton
London, Cambridge M11, A1307 31 (Girton) London, Bedford M11, A428
B1049 32 (Histon) (Cambridge) B1049
A10, A1309 33 (Milton) A10, A1309, Cambridge Science Park
B1047 34 (Fen Ditton) No Exit
Cambridge, Newmarket, Burwell A1303, B1102 35 (Quy) Cambridge, Burwell A1303, B1102
No exit 36 (Nine Mile Hill) London A11
Newmarket, Ely A142 37 Newmarket, Ely A142
Norwich, Mildenhall A11 38 No Exit
No Exit 39 Kentford for Newmarket
Higham 40 Higham
Saxham Business Park, Risby 41 Saxham Business Park, Risby
Bury St Edmunds (West) A1302, B1106 42 Bury St Edmunds (West) A1302, B1106
Diss A143, A134 43 (St. Saviours) Diss A143, A134
Bury St Edmunds (East) A143 44 (Moreton Hall) Bury St Edmunds (East) A143
Rougham / Rougham Industrial Estate 45 Rougham / Rougham Industrial Estate
Thurston, Beyton, Tostock 46 Thurston, Beyton, Tostock
Elmswell, Woolpit A1088 47 Elmswell, Woolpit A1088
Wetherden 47a No Exit
Harleston, Haughley, Stowmarket A1308 48 (Haughley) Harleston, Haughley, Stowmarket A1308
Stowmarket A1120 50 Stowmarket A1120
A140, Needham Market B1078 51 (Beacon Hill) A140, Needham Market B1078
Claydon B1113 52 Claydon B1113
Ipswich (North) A1156 53 (White House) Ipswich (North) A1156
Sproughton 54 (Sproughton) Sproughton
London, Ipswich A12, A1214 55 (A12 J33 – Copdock) London, Ipswich A12, A1214
A137 56 (Wherstead) A137
Orwell Bridge
A1189 57 (Nacton) A1189
Lowestoft A12, A1156 58 (Seven Hills) Lowestoft A12, A1156
C375 Croft Lane[40] Un-numbered No Exit
Trimley St. Martin, Trimley St. Mary 59 Trimley St. Martin, Trimley St. Mary
Felixstowe A154 60 (Dockspur Roundabout) Felixstowe A154
Felixstowe Dock Gate 2 61 (Trinity Avenue) No Exit
Felixstowe Dock Gate 1 A45[41] 62 (Walton Avenue) Start of road