A14 Orwell Bridge Average Speed Cameras

For safety, after a fatality and 150 non-fatal casualties from 93 reported incidents on the bridge, Average Speed Cameras (ASC) were introduced in July 2016.

Up until the end of November 2016, 5,517 “total offences processed” – we assume this means 5,517 fines were issued – if £100 per fine, that is over half a million pounds (approximately £551,700) in 5 months.

This said, the drivers shouldn’t be speeding but we have to point out that some drivers are unaware the zone starts just before the junction before the bridge and ends just after the junction after the bridge (applies to either carriageway) and not solely on the bridge itself.

Statistics from Suffolk Constabulary:-

Month Total offences processed
July 2016 1699
August 2016 1421
September 2016 926
October 2016 839
November 2016 632

We think the bridge speed will be reduced to 50mph at some point.

Our view: They can add Average Speed Cameras to a Northern Bypass if that is a requirement for it to be built.