Is the Orwell Bridge Closed?

We are working on developing an app to notify you when the bridge is shut.

The best options at the moment to check for a closed Orwell Bridge are:

  1. Highways England website will show the condition of all roads they control (in Suffolk this is the A14 and A12 up to Ipswich (but not to the East of Ipswich)), including colour coded indication of traffic flow and speed.

  2. Listen to Local Radio

    BBC Radio Suffolk should indicate whether the bridge is closed.

  3. News websites

    News websites such as the Ipswich Star, EADT and BBC Suffolk will indicate a bridge closure

  4. Social Media 

    Highways England (Highways Agency) and local police typically tweet when the bridge is closed

  5. Electronic Information Boards

    If driving and unable to get updates, the large electronic information boards on the A12 and A14 will tell you if the bridge is shut.

  6. Waze by Google (and Google Maps) can indicate incidents on the bridge before news outlets can pick it up.